Product Design

Turning your ideas into products.

Moving from an idea to an actual product design is a difficult process. Considerations about interfaces, integration, regulations and licensing can add up to a nightmare. But our team of software and hardware engineers has vast experience in this phase of design. Whether you're looking for a piece of middleware or a physical product, we can help turn your ideas into media solutions. As part of our design process, we can:

  • Develop detailed specifications for your product.
  • Prepare licensing plans for use of proprietary software and hardware.
  • Code software to meet your needs.
  • Design and test physical components of the product, from circuit boards to casings.
Videon is a recognized leader in the world of consumer media playback. Avia demonstrates their leadership--it anticipated the streaming media market and consumer needs. At Zonoff, we see the natural integration of media playback and home automation, another area where we know Videon's technologies will combine to create customized solutions.
Mike Harris, Founder & CEO, Zonoff

A Customizable Design Process

Flexibility to meet customer needs is key to our design process. Some customers come to us with nothing more than a visionary product brief. We can take that idea and help flesh it out into a fully-realized product. Others provide hundreds of pages of requirements specifications, which our team can use to develop products that meet extremely specific needs. Either way, our multi-disciplinary teams of designers apply their extensive hardware and software knowledge to meeting your needs.