The technology behind simply moving media.

Avia is our technology for moving media. It's the IP used on millions of Blu-ray and DVD players and is now being used to facilitate streaming media. Avia comes in three flavors.

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    Avia Optical is the first flavor of Avia: an optical disc middleware that is installed on over thirty million players. Most users aren't even aware that they're using Avia Optical, but our SoC and OEM partners have found it invaluable to making streamlined and highly-functioning disc players.

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    Avia Embedded serves a similar purpose but for the streaming media market, working behind the scenes to simply and flawlessly move media between devices. Rather than moving media from a disc to a screen, Avia Embedded moves media across networks, between applications and among devices. It's Avia middleware for the new streaming media world.

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    Finally, Avia the App is a self-contained application that uses Avia's media-moving features. With Avia the App, users can view media from a variety of sources, create playlists, rate media and share media between devices and on social networks.

Enhancing Streaming Media

Avia does more than other streaming media software, though. Using a patent-pending database creation process, Avia significantly cuts down on the time a device spends scanning for media. After an initial scan of a network, an internal database is built, meaning that users can browse and access all of their media with almost no lag time. Combine that with Videon's expertise in integration (bringing our technology together with the other components of a product) and you have a customizable solution for your streaming media product.

The Avia media player has been an essential addition to the streaming product line, and we're looking forward to collaborating with Videon for our next generation players.
Damir Skripic, Senior Product Manager, Netgear Connected Entertainment