Products & Services

Expertise applied to every step of your project.

At Videon, we can help you envision and define your product, provide middleware and reference platforms, design customized hardware and software components and finally bring everything together with the physical manufacture and testing of the product. With experience in a range of industries, we combine resources to help you jump from the spark of an idea to a successfully released product.

  • We are an ecosystem partner with the top semiconductor providers in the world, which gives us unique access to technology and support.
  • We are a licensee of many third-party technologies, which we can incorporate into our products.
  • Our own middleware and intellectual capital supplement this technology.
  • We focus on our work process to help speed your project to conclusion.
  • Our in-house pre-certification testing cuts down on time to release and increases reliability.

Our products and services include:

With deep hardware and software expertise across the entire product lifecycle, Videon ensures you deliver a superior product while significantly reducing project risk.

Videon’s offerings streamline the process of building media products, speed time to market and simplify the end user experience.