Industry Solutions

Simply moving media. It's what we do best.

Since 1997, Videon has provided product vision, design, integration and manufacturing for customers across a range of industries.

Our customers vary in size and needs. We work with major electronics companies on products that are used in millions of homes, and we also create unique solutions for small-scale applications. With our distinct blend of industry-specific certifications, intellectual property and vertical integration, we can meet the particular needs of each customer. Currently, we serve the following industries:

Why Videon

As an ecosystem partner to the world’s leading semiconductor companies, we leverage our access so your media products benefit from the industry’s latest proven technology. Let us show you how:

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Why Videon

Discover how we work with large and small OEMs and semiconductor companies to speed your products to market.

History of Success

The range of customers we've served and the scope of services we've provided demonstrate a long history of success that we can put to use for you. Our spectrum of possible solutions is reflected in the assortment of customer success stories that demonstrate our skills and flexibility.